Archive of Past Events


February 24-25, 2017
An interdisciplinary conference:
Epidemics: The SHAPE of Global DiseasePDF File


18 March, 2016
"Writing Lives in SciencePDF File "
a lecture by Janet Browne
Harvard University
9:00 AM
SGMH 1308


1 December, 2014 
"Copernicus and the AstrologersPDF File "
a lecture by Robert Westman
History Department and Science Studies Program, University of California, San Diego
4:00 PM
Titan Theater, Titan Student Union

"A World Shaped by Miracles: Rafting Monkeys and the Nature of Evolutionary HistoryPDF File "
a lecture by Alan de Queiroz
Biology Department, University of Nevada, Reno
29 October, 2014   4:00 PM  SGMH 1506

Kevin Lambert      CSUF Department of Liberal Studies
A Scientific Object at the Paris OpéraPDF File :
A Pygmalion Moment in French Enlightenment Public Science
24 April, 2014        5:30 PM  Humanities 226

Duana Fullwiley  Stanford University, Department of Anthropology
Difference, Disease, and the Writing of Genetic Science: The Experience of "Senegalese" Sickle Cell  PDF File
20 March, 2014     5:30 PM  University Hall 252 

Dr. Patrick Sharp
California State University Los Angeles Liberal Studies Department
Evolution's Amazons:PDF File
Women and Science Fiction in the Early Twentieth Century
February 13, 2014   5:30 PM  Humanities 125


Dr. Volker Janssen  History Department, CSUF:
"In Flesh and Blood: Questions about Health, Discipline and Bio-Technology in postwarAmericaPDF File "
Thursday  12 December 2013    5:30 PM Humanities 110

Dr. James Moore Open University, London
"Making Livings: Why Wallace's and Darwin's Theories of Evolution were Worlds ApartPDF File "
Thursday 7 November 2013   5:30PM   Humanities 110

"Creating a Transnational Social Science: Studying Culture, Personality, and Prejudice in the 1930sPDF File "
Dr Leila Zenderland, CSUF Department of American Studies
Thursday, 17 October 2013        5:30 PM Humanities 110

"Earthquakes: The History, the Hype, the HazardPDF File "
by Dr. Susan Hough, U.S. Geological Survey, Pasadena:
Thursday, 26 September 2013    5:30 PM Humanities 110

"The Nine Lives of Albert EinsteinPDF File "
by Dr. Craig McConnell, Liberal Studies Department, CSUF
Thursday, 9 May 2013 5:30 PM  Langsdorf Hall 321

"Chinese American ScientistsPDF File : A Study in Transnational History of Science and Technology"
by Dr, Zuoyue Wang, History Dept., Cal Poly Pomona
Thursday, 25 April 2013   5:30 PM  Langsdorf Hall 321

"Communicating Chemical Secrets & Expertise in the 17th c. Holy Roman EmpirePDF File "
by Margaret Garber, CSUF Department of Liberal Studies
Thursday, 7 March 2013  5:30PM   Langsdorf Hall 321

"The Age of Modernist TransformationPDF File : 1880-1930. A Discussion Inspired by Jeremy Gray's Volume Plato's Ghost"
by Bogdan Suceava  CSUF Department of Mathematics
Thursday, February 14  5:30PM  Langsdorf Hall 402


"Challenging Darwinism: Expanding, Extending, ReplacingPDF File "
Dr. Bruce Weber, Professor Emeritus, Biochemistry at CSUF and Robert H. Woodworth Chair in Science and Natural Philosophy, Bennington College.
6 December 2012 5:30PM Humanities 226

"Fordism, Big Science, and the Manhattan ProjectPDF File "
Dr. Charles Thorpe,UC San Diego 1 November 2012  
Mihaylo Hall 1307 5:30PM

"Crocoduck Mania: How People Insist upon Misunderstanding Evolutionary BiologyPDF File "
Professor Jim Hofmann, CSUF Liberal Studies Department 11 October 2012
Humanities 110 5:30PM

"Religious Cognition and The Lisbon EarthquakePDF File :  The story of a natural disaster and its psychological effects."
Ryan Nichols,CSUF Philosophy Department  18 September 2012; 


"The Paragon of Animals: from Fish to Human Nature in Man: A Course of Study PDF File " (MACOS) 
Erika Milam, Princeton University, 20 October, 2011


"Tooth Loss and Molecular Cavities in Placental Mammals: PDF File Genomics Meets the Fossil Record"
Dr Mark Springer, UC Riverside. 24 March, 2010